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More pics for you - I really can't remember who everyone is.

Please accept my apologies. It's an old age thing apparently :-)


 Miss Ruddalls class (chemistry or biology?)

I received an email from Philipa (Pip) Grieves, who wrote:

"I'm on the far left, to the left of Miss Ruddall is Debra Fisher, next to me I think is Nigel Moores twin sister(not sure), next to her is Barbara Williams, then Sue Roberts."

Thanks for getting in touch Philippa



John Rawcliffe gets an autograph from Mr D.F.Jones (Computer Studies)

In the background it looks like Simon Hall. Weird to think that in those 

days a BBC Micro was rarely seen in a school. We had to make do with

an ageing Olivetti TeleType linked by acoustic modem to Kelsterton !

Actually, DF signed Johns tie come to think about it !



A nice group photo. 

Standing (rear row) from L to R :- Fiona ?, Richard (Dickie) Jones

Crouched (front row) :- Barbara Williams , Rachel Walker, Deborah Hawkes

(If anyone is in touch with Rachel please let me know. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for being such a good friend when I was very travel sick on a school trip.)



Mr Gilpins Physics lesson !

L to R:- Heidi Pordidge, ?


A snap influenced by the Sex Pistols

L to R:- David Jennings, ? , Andrew Snowdon



Not taken in St Davids, but we all went there (and its a colour pic !)

From L to R :- Me ! , Joanne Tudor , Rhian Blore , Amanda Cardiff , Julian Parrott



The irrepressible Jonathan Pierce (Bonzo) !


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